Is there a place to store my stuff while I run the race?

We’re committed to creating a more sustainable and enjoyable race day experience for everyone. That’s why, from now on, all runners will be asked to leave their post-race sweat bags at Sports Basement when they collect their bibs and shirts. But why? 

This new approach better aligns with our sustainability goals. By encouraging runners to consider whether they will need a drop bag or a heat sheet, fewer single-use plastics will go to the landfill. This means we’ll be actively reducing our environmental footprint. (Should rain appear on race day, we will provide a recyclable poncho.)

The change will also improve your race day experience. There won’t be any more last-minute dashes to the bag drop area just before your race in the morning. Instead, enjoy some extra sleep or arrive with less to carry. When you finish, your bags will be right there waiting for you. 

You can check your gear bag on Friday or Saturday at the Sports Basement when you pick up your bib and shirt. Participants who are checking gear must use the bag provided at the expo.

Write your bib number legibly on the bag and drop it off on Friday or Saturday with staff, securely tied.

The Berkeley Half Marathon is not liable for any lost, stolen, or damaged items.

Please do not leave valuables (like wallets, phones, or car keys) in your gear bag. 

Any clothing discarded at the start line will be donated to a local organization.

*We have 300 spots available if you want to check small items, keys, etc., at our secure mobile locker on race morning, Click here to pre-purchase.  Simply show up on race morning, and your name will be on the list.

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